QP/RNs PCAs Homemakers

RN/Qualified Professional (QP)

We are set apart by hiring Registered Nurses (RNs) for the DHS required position of a Qualified Professional.  Many of our clients have a wide range of needs including complex cares requiring the knowledge of an RN.

Our QP/RN’s will do the following:

1 – Write your care plan outlining the services a PCA will provide,

2 – Complete assessments and PCA evaluations through alternating face to face visits with phone calls;

3 – Train the PCA on specific individual medical cares unique to the client such as use of a hoyer lift and more if needed.

Our QP/RN’s are here to answer your questions regarding your care. QP is required to meet with all clients several times a year to ensure services are provided appropriately and are in compliance with DHS Rules. By making yourself available to meet with our QP’s, you will ensure that your services will continue uninterrupted.

PCAs and Homemakers

Our PCAs and Homemakers are a valuable, respected, and integral part of our agency, who provide reliable, complex and compassionate services.  Our employees understand that the client is their employer. Our employees respect the requests of the client, follow directions and completes tasks as requested.   A+ is here to assist both the client and employee whenever needed. Without our employees, our clients would not receive the service they need to live at home and A+ would not exist.  We are very grateful to our employees who provide exceptional and necessary service.