Executive Director

9 mo mom

Deanna Robb-Peters was deeply influenced by how her grandparents, Leah Welch and Wayne Johnsen, lived their lives. Since her earliest memory, Deanna witnessed the impact of the daily obstacles they faced living with their disabilities. But what stood out most was how her grandparents just kept moving, demonstrating the importance of having the personal power to affect change in their own lives regardless of circumstances. They lived their lives as fierce advocates for people with disabilities – but the guiding principal that most influenced Deanna is that we all have a fundamental need to direct the course of our lives to the best of our abilities. Disability doesn’t change that need. Leah was also an example to Deanna of how one person can make a difference – that you don’t have to be extraordinary, you just need to speak up for what’s important to you.

Deanna has been a part of the A+ Home Care team since the beginning, and has experience in all aspects of the agency, including being a family care-giver. She desires to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and feels great about being a part of a wonderfully compassionate team of people (office staff, RNs, and PCAs) who give the best of themselves daily for the good of our clients.

When she is not working, she is a very busy mother to two active boys. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, her two Labradors and two Ragdoll cats. She also enjoys photography, fishing, biking, hiking, and “adventuring” or exploring new places and trying new things.