iPay Statements

IPAY STATEMENTS:  We are Providing You with Direct Access to Your Wage and Salary Information!

ADP’s iPayStatements enables you to review your current and historical payroll information 24/7 from virtually anywhere. All you need is Internet access and a Web browser. ADP’s iPayStatements lets you:
• View, save and print images of their paychecks, W-2s, 1099Rs and1099Ms
• View your paystubs up to 24 hours prior to paydate
• Access your payroll history for loans, mortgages or other financial needs
• Change marital status and exemptions on their Federal W-4, and submit it to HR
• Perform “What if” scenarios with the Paycheck Modeling feature
• Receive e-mail notification whenever new documents are ready for viewing

IPayStatements Easy Set-Up: All you need do is log on to ADP, and ADP will show you how to enroll and use the service. Please see the IPayStatements Registration form. You will need:
•Your most recent pay statement
•Self Service Registration Pass Code: Contact payroll at 952.854.7831 for this code
•An email address
Go to https://paystatements.adp.com, and select Register Now. To complete the registration process, please follow the directions on the attached page. Once you have registered, you can log on through the above website, or download the ADP Mobile Solutions app on your iphone or Android smartphone to access your information.

Lost Password: Please make a note of your user ID and password. However, if you forget your original password, iPayStatements provides you with the ability to receive a temporary password via e-mail. This temporary password allows you to safely log-on to iPayStatements, and change or reestablish your passwords.